Happy Holidays!

Title: Happy Holidays!
Episode Number: 37

Happy Holidays from the SNC FanChat Crew! Just in time for Christmas, we have a wonderful interview with Tyler Trepp and Seggie Isho from before the tour started! We hope you enjoy this interview with Tyler and Seggie, and we'll have more great interviews for you in the new year!

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The New and Improved FanChat! (Interview with Walter Chase and Ryan Ahlwardt)

Title: The New and Improved FanChat!
Episode Number: 36

We have a new, shortened format for you! More dynamic interviews, featuring YOUR questions, and a quick round-up of the news in Chaserville! In our inaugural episode of our new format, we chatted with best buds, Walter Chase and Ryan Ahlwardt. It's a great interview that oozes brotherly love, and it's definitely an interview you won't want to miss!

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Has It Really Been Three Months? (Interview with Jerome Collins)

Title: Has It Really Been Three Months?
Episode Number: 35

Yikes, it's been three whole months since our last episode? Coincidentally, it's also been three months since we recorded the interview for this episode. But, seeing as it's with the incomparable Jerome Collins, we can tell you that it's definitely worth the wait. Take a listen!

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Are You "Under the Influence"? (Interview with Walter Chase)

Title: Are You "Under the Influence"?
Episode Number: 34

We chat with none other than Walter Chase about the release of Straight No Chaser's fourth full-length album (and second full non-holiday album), Under the Influence; the upcoming tour dates, and his new podcast, The Chase! Check it out!

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Welcome, Steve! (Interview with Steve Morgan)

Title: Welcome, Steve!
Episode Number: 33

Original member Steve Morgan chats with the FanChat crew as he gears up for his triumphant return to the SNCmusic stage! Check out our interview with Steve as we talk about his decision to return, his preparations for the upcoming tours, and his Under the Influence reactions!

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Special Edition of SNC FanChat with Ryan Ahlwardt!

Title: Special Edition - Ryan Ahlwardt
Episode Number: 32.5

This special edition of SNC FanChat features an interview with the very first interviewee of the SNC FanChat (and who many have called the heart of SNC), Ryan Ahlwardt. You won't want to miss this!

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What Happens On the SNC Cruise STAYS On the SNC Cruise ...Or Does It?

Title: Contest #4
Episode Number: N/A

Hey Chasers, we've got a very fun contest so listen up!

Did you attend the SNC Cruise this year and get your socks blown off? 

Send us an e-mail answering one of the 3 topics below to sncfanchat@gmail.com and the best answers will get an invitation to tell their story on the next SNC FanChat, Straight No Chaser's very first fan-run podcast!

Best answers win, so give it your all! Contest ends next Friday, November 2nd at noon PST, and we'll choose our winners afterwards and respond to your e-mail for your invitation to be on the show.

To help kick this off, one of our very own FanChat hosts, Dave White, and Chaser extraordinaire, Carla Rodriguez, went around the cruise ship looking for Chasers (which wasn't hard at all if you can imagine) to interview, so stay tuned right here to our blog page ( http://sncfanchat.blogspot.com ) as we will be releasing a new interview every day or so. Maybe you'll get to see someone that you've only interacted with in the social media world, or, even better, maybe you'll even meet someone new!

Click here for our very first SNC FanChat Video Interview with Chaser Julie Futer!

Contest Questions:

1. Straight No Chaser is comprised of 10 very different musical talents who were able to showcase themselves differently on the cruise. So what was your favorite event on the SNC cruise and why?

2. Attendees of the SNC cruise received highly coveted information about Straight No Chaser's next upcoming studio album. Without giving away too much, give us an idea as to what we have to look forward to and if you can divulge, give us some examples.

3. Have a fun/funny/interesting occurrence while on Board the cruise? We want to hear about it! Give us your crazy, wacky, hilarious, or mysterious happenings here!

Remember, submit responses to sncfanchat@gmail.com and the contest ends Sunday, November 11th at 11:59pm PST.


Eligibility and Rules

  1. Contest is open to persons of any age.
  2. Only one (1) entry per person will be permitted. (Multiple entries will result in all entries being invalidated.)
  3. The winner will be chosen from all valid entries received. Upon selection, the winner will be contacted and asked to join us on our show.
  4. Your information will be used only in the event that you are the winner, for contact purposes.