Your Co-Hosts


Hello to all you podcast listeners! I'm Shaina Eng, and I live in sunny Los Angeles, California! I first heard about Straight No Chaser from my piano teacher, who forwarded me the link to their "12 Days" video on YouTube. I loved the video, and when the opportunity came for me to see their concert at the Largo in 2008, I jumped at it! That was the night I became a "SuperFan." After that concert, I remembered that Charlie had asked those in attendance to sign up for their website, so I did just that as soon as I got home, and it was on the website that I met Dave and S, shenanigans and all.

Straight No Chaser has inspired me so much that I'd hoped to join an a cappella group in college (not at IU, but at USC; sorry, Charlie!).  My hopes became a reality as I joined Overflow A Cappella, USC's only Christian a cappella group.  I have arranged a cappella pieces both for Overflow and for my high school choir. I've also been told that I'm very... erm... "enthusiastic" when it comes to Straight No Chaser, which has earned me the title of "Vice President of Enthusiasm."

Thank you for taking a look at our podcast; it has been so cool to see how it has grown to what you're listening to! I hope you enjoy it!


Hi, I'm Dave White! I reside in northeastern Ohio with my wife and two sons. Professionally, I am a Security/Fire Alarm technician. While I'm not working, doing all the things around the house that needs done and some occasional geocaching, I enjoy being a Straight No Chaser fan.

I first became interested in SNC on Thanksgiving Day of 2008 while traveling to my In-laws for Dinner. The radio station we were listing to, playing early Christmas music and you guessed it - this crazy version of the "Twelve Days of Christmas". Wouldn't you know it, just when you want the station to announce the artist - they didn't. After a bunch of searching, I finally found these fabulous gentlemen.

Sometime shortly there after, I became friends with S Brandon on the site. We would try to entertain (good word) the web site during the slow times (very early in 2009) to keep things active. During this period, food became a hot topic and somewhere along the line, I became the un-official official "SNC Food Taster" when conversations were moving along the line of bribing the guys with food (cookies, brownies and just about anything sweet), to come to our respective areas/cities during their upcoming concert tours (fall 2009). Also during this period of time, I also became friends with Shaina and Tina.

In December 2009 S and I co-authored the Facebook group "Get Straight No Chaser On Ellen" after the subject if the SNC guys would appear on some of the entertainment shows like Ellen. S and I when with the idea, formed the group to get SNC fans to join and direct them to the Ellen site to fill out her request form. After that, around January of 2010, Shaina came up with the cool idea of producing a podcast for Straight No Chaser and their fans.

I believe the three of us are committed to SNC fans all over, in spreading the word about these 10 guys, through word of mouth, blogs, message boards and now this little thing we call "SNC Fanchat - Behind the Mic with Straight No Chaser".

Enjoy the ride!


Hello SNCLand! My name is Tina Gaston and I'm originally from LA (no, not the cool one on the West Coast, but rather LA as in "Lower Arkansas.") I first heard about Straight No Chaser about 5 years ago while researching arrangements for an a capella group I was a part of at the time. I was re-introduced to the group when Randy posted their reunion concert footage on Youtube and have been a fan on their work since then. I'm told I'm the comedic relief, but unfortunately I've never been politically correct a day in my life. Anything SNC-related that I do, besides this podcast, is being an official "gift giver" to the group. And like Dan, I can also hum a melody while whistling the harmony, which is kind of a weird feeling. Well, there you have it, folks.