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Going Out with a BANG! (Interview with Mike Itkoff)

Title: Interview Series, Week 8
Episode Number: 28

There are a lot of laughs in this eighth and final episode in our Interview Series for 2012! This week, we sat down with the amazingly talented (and good-looking Jew in the front of the infamous diamond photo) Mike Itkoff! We hope you enjoy this episode, and stay tuned for our next fabulous interview, coming at you soon!

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Turning Tables Again! (Interview with SNC FanChat Hosts, Pt. 2)

Title: Interview Series, Week 7
Episode Number: 27

For this episode, we once again had the tables turned on us! For this second part of the FanChat hosts interview, a seasoned interviewer asked us more questions that Sara Dowling emailed to us several weeks ago. We hope you enjoy this episode!

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My, How the Tables Have Turned... (Interview with the FanChat Hosts, Pt. 1)

Title: Interview Series, Week 6
Episode Number: 26

Several weeks ago, the SNC FanChat hosts received an email from SNC FanChat Superfan Sara Dowling, with the idea that we do a behind-the-scenes episode, talking about the back story and inner workings of the podcast. Since we're in the midst of our Interview Series, we thought it might be fun to have the tables turned on us, so we invited Sara to interview us! We hope that you enjoy this episode (and that you aren't bored to death by listening to us)!

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