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Signed EP and Poster Contest!

Title: Contest #3
Episode Number: N/A

How well do YOU know Straight No Chaser? Correctly answer all the questions to be entered for a chance to win an autographed "Six Pack: Volume 2" EP and poster! Good luck!

  1. How many days did "Holiday Spirits" spend at the #1 slot on Amazon?
  2. How many albums did the original ten members release at Indiana University?
  3. On what holiday did the CEO of Atlantic Records, Craig Kallman, call Randy about meeting the group?
  4. What are the titles of the two original songs composed by the group's leader, Dan Ponce, on the "Holiday Spirits" album?
  5. How many independent albums has the group's Ryan Ahlwardt released?
  6. What Disney character was the group's lead soloist, Jerome Collins, performing as in musicals overseas when Atlantic Records contacted the group?
  7. Which of the group's ten members is a vocal coach and trained studio engineer?
  8. Of what entertainment company is Seggie Isho a co-founder?
  9. What is the name of the Bloomington, Indiana-based original pop-funk quintet band that Michael Luginbill sang lead and played guitar for after performing on Celebrity Cruise Lines?
  10. Which SNC member currently resides in Houston with his wife, Julia, and his son, Hayden?
  11. Which of the members has an MBA in Finance?
  12. Which of the group's members enjoys snow skiing, video production, and cars as favorite pastimes?
  13. Which member produced IUSNC's 6th CD "Another Round"?
  14. How many days did "Holiday Spirits" spend at the top spot overall on iTunes?

*Bonus question worth 5 points*
  • Which annual concert was Don Nottingham and Jerome Collins spotted at earlier this year?

Got the answers? Be sure to send them to us in an email HERE!

Eligibility and Rules
  1. Contest is open to persons of any age.
  2. Only one (1) entry per person will be permitted. (Multiple entries will result in all entries being invalidated.)
  3. The winner will be chosen from all valid entries received. Upon selection, the winner will be contacted and asked for his or her full mailing address.
  4. Your information will be used only in the event that you are the winner, for mailing purposes.

Fall Back into Step! (EP Contest)

Title: Fall Back into Step!
Episode Number: 19

SNC is back on the road, and a lot has been announced since our last episode! From tour dates to new music and merchandise, there's a lot going on in Chaserville. And to top it all off, we are putting on a contest of our own! Click HERE for more information on how you could win a signed "Six Pack: Volume 2" EP and custom poster!

Direct Download to .mp3 here.

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